Tia Lucca

Productos Tía Lucca Cía. Ltda. is a company created with the pioneering idea of producing ready-to-consume foods. Our company manufactures frozen meals such as: pizzas, empanadas, lasagne, and ravioli. During its early stages it had only one product; nowadays it produces four different products in 12 flavors.

It produces each of its products following the main Best Practices manufacturing procedures—hygiene procedure, raw material intake norms…—that allow us to develop unique products guaranteeing quality for the clients.

Each manufacturing process involves artisan steps. At the core of each product lie handiwork and dedication.


To be a point of reference in the prepared food industry, by delivering products having the same flavor as homemade food.

Being a part of each customer’s family; that they consider us the best option for whenever they want to eat something tasty, quick and healthy.


To utilize the best ingredients and to prioritize their quality, to keep up the hygiene in each process and to be able to deliver the best taste for each product.